Counter Strike: Global Offensive ESP Wallhack/Trigger Bot Hack 2014

Download this Counter Strike: Global Offensive Hack that gives you ESP Wallhacks/Trigger Bot to gain a competitive edge online!
HlDIvv7ESP and Triggerbot Release

What’s new:

  • You can toggle esp
  • Fixed offsets ect…
  • Included separate esp and triggerbot exe’s for people with cpu usage issues.

Usage Notes:

  • Your game has to be in FULLSCREEN WINDOWED MODE for the ESP to work! You can find that option in the game’s video settings. Also make sure Windows Aero is on.
  • .NET 4.5 framework is required.
  • Extract all files and keep the esp exe with the sharpdx dll’s
  • Run the program as administrator after you are in game.
  • In the zip folder there is a program to change the hashsum of the hack. This may prevent detection so I advise doing so. Also try renaming the exe file.
  • I was too lazy to ilmerge the sharpdx .dll’s so just makesure they are in the same folder as the hack exe.
  • If the boxes ever disappear just restart the hack. Sometimes the player box doesn’t follow exactly with the player but it fixes itself after a bit.
  • Toggle trigger bot with the 0 (zero) key. *The trigger bot will still work even if your game is in fullscreen mode*
  • Toggle ESP with the 9 key.
  • If you use the separated triggerbot exe keep in mind that you can’t toggle it.
  • REDOWNLOAD HACKS if it crashes and you have followed all of my tips above.

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